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Build Assist

For those who would like to fast track certain stages of your project, our build assist program can help to assemble and finish parts of your kit. This can include bulkheads assembled and finished to a structural stage including all fittings, chain plates and detail reinforcement. Other items can include the forebeam, daggerboard cases and furniture modules. 

Custom Build

We can build any of our stock designs or a custom design to various stages of build through to fully finished sail away. Custom design can be incorporated into the project where a stock design can be personalised to suit the client or a completely new design can be drawn from the ground up. This unique service combines all elements including personal involvement by the designer to produce a one of a kind result.


Composite Engineering

We can provide specialised composite engineering to suit custom or production requirements. Today there are a range of different material options that can be applied to various areas in the structure. These include Carbon or Kevlar reinforcement where required through to exotic light-weight cores. 

Mould Manufacture

Stemming from our extensive experience in plug and mould building, we can assist anyone requiring moulds for production purposes based on one of our designs. If you are considering setting up a production boat building business we can help in many ways, from the initial design through to the various production and material options. Due to modern kit systems and materials production time is vastly reduced and in some cases can be the same build time as a fully moulded boat. Semi-production is a term used for a partly moulded boat utilizing flat panels to streamline the completion time and reduces the initial capital cost involved in full moulds. The intended production boat can be designed to suit the intended build method maximising the success of the outcome.

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