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LENGTH 6.5m  |  BEAM 2.5m  |  BERTHS 1 Dbl 1 Sgl |  USEAGE Coastal |  KIT OPTIONS DuFlex Balsa/Foam, Plain Foam  


This is the smallest model in this exciting range of designs. Introduced as an entry-level design for someone wanting a manageable building project resulting in a dynamic user-friendly weekender. This design is of legal towing size which opens up a variety of opportunities for accessing cruising grounds by road quickly and easily.

This is a trailer-sailer with a difference, firstly being a catamaran it is stable under sail and also at rest. Another innovation is the hull design which is a semi-displacement design offering efficient performance under both sail and power. This hull shape is most suited to downwind sailing however all the Stow-Away designs are fitted with a single swing centreboard for upwind sailing. Combined with the fine entry hulls this design will have good upwind performance.

This diverse design will satisfy most needs whether holidaying interstate, weekending locally or small coastal hops. 

The 6.5m Stow-Away is a multipurpose design which has the ability to either get there quickly under power or enjoy a leisurely sail; the choice is yours depending on the conditions. This design is compact with camping style facilities however internally has a surprising amount of accommodation for short periods.

Cabin The cabin has a pop-top section that raises up with the use of the main halyard providing full standing headroom. To enlarge the cockpit deck area a section of the hull folds out each side at floor level creating an extension ideal as a wet area for swimming diving etc. These 'wings' are an innovative idea and useful as an overflow to the cockpit space. As with all the designs in this range a boom cover will add shelter and enlarge the living areas.

Performance Underway this design will perform equally well under sail or power but offers flexibility depending on the conditions. Downwind sailing will suit this design especially if running with the seas where the hull will plane easily.

The light weight materials keep the power to weight ratio exceptional for this design which assists with towing, launching and retrieving from the trailer and also general on-water performance and manoeuvrability. 

Powered by a 40hp outboard this design will achieve good cruise speeds and a top speed of around 20 knots. The advantage of this hull shape is that it will perform efficiently at any speed and as such can be powered by any engine between 8hp and the recommended 40hp engine. The fuel efficient hull shape will offer excellent range depending on chosen cruise speed and engine size. 

The compact rig is easily raised and lowered on the stable catamaran platform and as with any other trailer-sailer this operation can be done on land or water. The hull of this design and the other models in this range are ideally suited to beaching with level hull bottoms and fully protected rudders. Best of all this design can be conveniently stored away in the backyard or under cover after use.

Kit Packages

Kit packages are available for this design and the options can be viewed in the Stow-Away Kit page

Construction plans only

The plans can be purchased separately and the materials can be sourced by the client at their own pace. A list of the required and recommended materials is provided.

Cad-drawn colour construction plans are supplied in an A3 sized booklet of high detail specifically suited to amateur building.

Study Plans

Study Plans are available for this design, please send a request via our Contact page.

How to Order your Stow-Away?

If you are looking to buy the Plans only, they are available for purchase through our online eshop

Plans and kits orders, please complete the online contact form. Online Form

Order Confirmation
On receipt of your order form we will provide you with an order confirmation with the costs and deposit requirements. 

Generally a deposit is made at order and a final payment is made prior to dispatch. Payment for the larger design range is generally made via direct deposit and these bank details are provided on your order confirmation. Payments are made in Australian dollars.

Estimated delivery times is provided on the Order confirmation. We will contact you with a delivery date and delivery options once the kit has been ordered.


Contruction Plans
Printed to order with customised cover sheets and any other design requirements to meets the clients requests.

Pre-cut to order as standard or to meet any specific customised requirements.


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