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RaceLine 380

LENGTH 11.7m   |   BEAM 7.4m   |   BERTHS 4 Singles  |   USEAGE COASTAL   |   KIT OPTIONS DuFlex, Plywood, Plain Foam   


The Raceline 380 is a powerful downwind flyer. Designed specifically for downwind work with full bows and a flat section aft below the waterline for easy planing. This design has high freeboard for offshore racing which will aid in keeping the crew drier and more comfortable. Alternativley this design will suit open boat cruising with high speed passages and fun-filled sailing. 


On Water This design is tough enough for offshore work whether racing or cruising. The Raceline 380 will be just as comfortable on flat water however she will excel in heavy airs where often the light flat-water boats may have to depower. Speeds exceeding wind speed can be expected with this highly efficient design. This is exhilarating sailing at its best delivered from this oversized off-the-beach cat!

Simple Build The relatively simple beam design keeps the construction time to a minimum. As with the Spirited 380 build process this design is built the right way up. The bottom of the hulls are strip-planked over computer-cut temporary frames. The same jig can be used for both hulls. Each hull side supplied pre-cut and when joined, is assembled in one piece. This allows the hulls to be built very quickly. The small rounded gunwales are also strip-planked to soften the lines with the deck also supplied as a flat full sized panel. 

Easy Delivery The hulls can be packed onto a truck or trailer for transportation if required. Because the beams are ‘socketed’ into the hulls, the boat can be easily demounted for delivery. The option of carbon beams will increase the stiffness of the platform and reduce weight. The beams are situated just below the deck, keeping the tramps high off the water for a drier ride. A composite prodder extends from the mast beam over the forebeam in one piece for extra strength and simplicity.

Performance Rig The rig is high performance, with 100 sqm of working sail area, this design is well-powered. A carbon mast and boom would optimize this design’s performance potential. Combining this with the lightweight composite rigging now on the market would drastically reduce the weight above deck.  

Preliminary specifications

Kit Packages

Kit packages are available for this design and the options can be viewed in the RaceLine 380 Kit page

Construction plans only

The plans can be purchased separately and the materials can be sourced by the client at their own pace. A list of the required and recommended materials is provided.

Cad-drawn colour construction plans are supplied in an A3 sized booklet of high detail specifically suited to amateur building.

Study Plans

Study Plans are available for this design, please send a request via our Contact page.

How to Order your RaceLine 380?

Purchase Order
Please complete the online contact form. Online Form

Order Confirmation
On receipt of your order form we will provide you with an order confirmation with the costs and deposit requirements. 

Generally a deposit is made at order and a final payment is made prior to dispatch. Payment for the larger design range is generally made via direct deposit and these bank details are provided on your order confirmation. Payments are made in Australian dollars.

Estimated delivery times is provided on the Order confirmation. We will contact you with a delivery date and delivery options once the kit has been ordered.


Contruction Plans
Printed to order with customised cover sheets and any other design requirements to meets the clients requests.

Pre-cut to order as standard or to meet any specific customised requirements.

Built to order as standard or to meet any specific customised requirements.


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