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All Spirited models have been developed with the appropriate kit system in mind. The particular building process and material is optimized to suit the design and integrated with the surface forms. The light-weight materials and clever build systems enable the boat to be manageably assembled without the use of lifting machinery.

Clever Systems. From early on in the building process ease has been designed in with all temporary support frames supplied computer-cut to provide an accurate and stable basis for the structures. In some of the designs the support frames are interlocked where possible to save the builder time and accelerate assembly.

Hi-Tech Approach. With the use of DuFLEX pre-laminated CNC-cut composite flat panels combined with resin-infused parts quality is guaranteed as is rapid assembly. The panels can be supplied in a choice of light-weight cores and skinned each side with an epoxy laminate. Other material choices are also available utilizing modern building techniques to suit all budgets. 

Moulded Sections. In the case of the designs which include moulded sections; these parts not only speed up assembly but enhance the overall look of the finished boat with smooth coherent lines providing a 'production' style finish. The moulded parts reduce the need for temporary frames during assembly saving more work for the builder. Because of the comprehensive nature of the building system and provided some care has been taken in the assembly, finishing work to painting stage is significantly reduced.

Support. Help is always close at hand with Spirited Designs' prompt and friendly support service available to avoid any project downtime. We understand and appreciate that many DIY builders are working on their project in their spare time and as such may need assistance right away to maximize productivity.

Flexibility. An option with any Spirited design is to purchase the plans without the kit package. This alternative allows the builder more flexibility in regards to material choice and also volume and time-frame of delivery. The building plans are specifically drawn for the DIY builder with easy to follow step by step processes included to avoid any mishaps.

Personalised Result. Our comprehensive packages combined with ongoing technical support when you need it ensure a trouble-free and fast moving project! Experience the pleasure and pride achieved by creating your very own one-of-a-kind high quality craft. 

End Grain Balsa
End Grain Balsa

DuFlex Balsa panels are available with standard 150kg/m3 or select grade "SuperLite" 100 kg/m3 end grain balsa cores. The balsa is plantation grown and kiln-dried and processed in an "end-grain" configuration.

The properties of end grain balsa make it ideal as a core for sandwich construction.  It has extremely high strength and stiffness-to -weight ratios, and achieves an excellent bond with all types of resins and adhesives. 

End grain balsa also has excellent fire performance, good sound & thermal insulation, and high impact strength, making it an excellent choice as a core for high performance and durable cruising boats.

Structural Foam
Structural Foam

Duflex Foam panels are cored with either structural linear or cross-linked foam cores and skinned with high strength epoxy laminate. 

Closed-cell foams in structural panels combine a high stiffness and strength-to-weight ratios with superior toughness. The cores are non-friable, contain no CFC's, and have negligible water absorption.

Structural foams used in DuFLEX Composite Panels provide low weight, excellent stiffness, good impact strength, and good sound & thermal insulation.

Plain Foam
Plain Foam

Plain foam panels are also supplied in applications where compounded shapes are required such as the cabin tops on some designs as shown to the right. Some of our kits are supplied entirely in plain foam panels which are computer-cut however once parts are assembled each side of the panel requires laminating. An advantage with this process is that laminations can be varied and optimized according to structural requirements saving material and weight.

Gaboon plywood delivers good strength with a relatively light weight result. In smaller designs the weight per square metre is similar to DuFLEX balsa panel. It is recommended to sheath the exterior with a light laminate to protect against wear and tear. All other surfaces require coats of epoxy resin to waterproof prior to painting. This material has attracted criticism becuase it can absorb water and rot if neglected however a well built and maintained plywood boat can last as well as any other medium. Wood is sometimes preferred because it is a traditional warm material and is easy and enjoyable to work with.

Specifically designed for non-structural interior applications, Featherlight Marine Grade panels have been developed to optimise weight and dimensional stability, making them ideally suited as lightweight building panels for the construction of boat interiors. It is supplied with the same laminate as the structural DuFLEX panels making them very strong adding support to the main structure. The interior furniture is assembled in a modular form on the workshop floor where they can be finished to an advanced stage before being installed into the boat.

Epoxy Resin Systems
Epoxy Resin Systems

West System epoxy resin cures to a high-strength plastic solid at room temperatures, by mixing specific proportions of liquid epoxy resin and hardener.  This highly moisture-resistant plastic adheres to a wide range of materials, making it ideal for projects that require water and chemical resistance, and strong physical properties for structural bonding.

Kinetix laminating system is supplied for high strength laminating for areas such the composite chainplates, structural reinforcement and high-load fittings. 

Hardener Options

West System Slow Hardener is used, in the majority of situations, at average temperatures to produce a cure that develops its physical properties quickly at room temperature. Fast Hardener is used when more rapid cure time is needed, or to provide adequate working time at lower temperatures. Super Slow / Tropical Hardener is formulated for general coating and bonding applications in extremely warm and/or humid conditions, or when extended working time is desired at room temperature. 

The Kinetix epoxy system is generally supplied with the medium hardener however other options are availabile to suit different climates.


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