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"I love my 4.2m Ripple, it performs beautifully."


T Ripper Brisbane QLD

Ripple 4.2m Tender 

"I want to thank you for a wonderful tender for our Helia 44 Cloud Atlas, it exceeds by far my expectations with the excellent craftsmanship, good design, and sturdiness, all I ever wanted from the tender. "

Dr. D Muehlemann, Switzerland
Ripple 3.2m Tender

"The 4.2 got up to 38kph and was very Smooth, took her out in a bit of rough stuff and she handled like a dream, was very impressed with her performance, the side console design works well only have to have one move forward to go on plane when both seated in the rear, but no problem, even with 3 people she planed easy.  On Xmas day I put 9 people on board to go to shore and she handled it like a dream could have fitted more as it did not seem crowded and she held the weight well buoyancy-wise.  Does not seem to use much fuel either which is a blessing.  Overall very happy and even my wife loves it."

A Clark, Hervey Bay, QLD
Ripple 4.2m Tender

"I first saw Craig's Ripple Tender designs in a Multihull World magazine & it caught my eye. I'd been doing a few day trips in my plywood dinghy that I use as a tender for my keel boat but it had too much rocker in the keel to plane & wasn't set up for taking the gear you need for a day trip. I wanted something small enough to be able to be launched by hand i.e. not require a trailer to be backed into the water, small enough to get into some of the shallower estuaries & lakes of inland Tasmania, fast enough to cover decent distances in daylight hours & large enough to take 2 people, fuel, lunch, safety gear etc. for a day trip. I approached Craig about lengthening the Ripple Tender to around 12 feet & he obliged. 

The plans were clear & easy to follow, & assembling the kit was straight forward. Part of the reason for the project was to teach myself about fibreglassing & Craig was great in that respect - very easy to contact & always willing to answer any questions & offer helpful advice. As a 1st time builder I learnt a lot & have used what I learnt quite a lot doing small jobs on the 30' trimaran I purchased soon after starting to build the Ripple Tender 3.6m. 

She is a great little boat. I have fitted a 15 h.p. outboard & she is incredibly responsive, especially solo ! The transition from diplacement to planing is smooth & you can cruise @ any speed you like. On day trips I normally cruise @ a slow plane & she is quite economical. The for'd locker looks small but holds an amazing amount of gear. I usually store beach towels, thermos, lunch, cameras, anchor, fire extinguisher, 1st aid kit etc. no problems at all. And it is dry. I have punched into 20 knot head winds with associated nasty chops & the forecastle locker remained bone dry.

As a 1st time build, this is a great project - from what I learnt I have done jobs that I would not have dreamt of attempting 12 months ago. 

As a design, this is a fun little boat. I "play" with the Ripple Tender 3.6m on the river in front of my house in Tasmania have done some great day trips on Tassie's inland waterways.  

If anyone is thinking of a 1st time project or a fun little day boat, I strongly recommend 1 of Craig's Ripple Tender designs."

B Furmage, Tasmania
Ripple 3.6m Tender

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