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Stow-Away Kits

These designs utilize only flat panels for simple and rapid assembly. The simple construction method lends itself to entry level amatuer builders. The flat panels are simply taped together at the seams to create the structure. There are a variety of choices in materials to suit different budgets and preferences.

Easy set-up The assembly begins with an interlocking MDF build frame which the hull panels are fitted to. Once the hull is structurally joined it can be removed and set up in its cradles. From here it is a case of installing the bulkheads and internals in readiness for the decks. The boat remains set up in this position until completion. 

More Cutting The flat decks are supplied with computer-cut hatch openings to any preferred brand and also the daggerboard case for accurate fitment. All locker doors are computer-cut to save the builder more time.

Modular Process Many sections of the boat are built in modules which are assembled in position on board but are removed for easy finishing on the workshop floor. The ease that this provides saves a significant amount of time and effort for the builder. 

Material Options These kits are available in Duflex balsa or foam core, plain foam and Gaboon plywood. 

This kit is shipped in pallet form for easy and economical delivery anywhere in the world. For domestic orders the kit material is shipped directly from the relevant supplier to the client. For export orders all material is collected, packaged and dispatched to the client.

An average production time for one of these kits is 3 to 4 weeks. 


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