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The Ripple tenders all use the same proven assembly process whereby the hull panels are fitted over an interlocking build frame. This system is ideal for the DIY builder who likes to see quick results. The build frame quickly enables the builder to visualise the physical size of the boat they are building. Depending on the material choice, the hull panels are joined to full size and are ready for fitment. Duflex panels deliver the quickest assembly time due to these being pre-glassed. They are quicker/easier to join and lay more fairly than any other material. Gaboon plywood is a good choice for its cost however it is recommended to be sheathed in a light surfboard cloth. Even with the extra sheathing layer it is a comparable weight to Duflex balsa. The plain foam option saves on kit cost but requires glassing both sides which adds significant work. 

Easy set-up The assembly begins with an interlocking MDF build frame which the hull panels are fitted to. Once the hull is structurally joined and faired it can be removed and set up for fit-out. From here it is a case of installing the bulkheads and internals in readiness for the deck. 

Material Options These kits are available in Duflex balsa or foam core, plain foam and Gaboon plywood. 

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