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Wednesday, September 17 2014

This project is for a client who is awaiting the delivery of his brand new catamaran in La Rochelle France. After much research he decided that the 3.2m Ripple was the best tender for his new boat. He considered buying just the kit and having it built in Europe however the cost was more economical getting the boat factory built from us and shipping the completed boat.

It is testiment to the Ripple design that this client has ordered his tender from half way across the globe. Another benifit to having this boat built rather than buying a production tender was catering to his custom requirements. These included specific positioning of his lifting fittings, rubber fendering, in-built fuel tank and beaching wheels. The client had the wheels sent specially from Germany because he had had previous experience with this particular brand. The boat was built from the Duflex foam kit and weighs only 47kg's, another selling point to this design.

The simple and precise assembly of these kits keeps the build hours down to remain competetively priced in the market place if compared to production boats. This boat will be packed inside a custom-made crate to be shipped over to Europe. 

For more information on our tender range, click here.


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Wednesday, September 17 2014

New off the drawing board is the 4.2m Raptor design. Designed specifically to suit aluminium construction, this is a planing hull with an expansive self-draining fishing deck. Set up with an offset steering console incorporated into the Starboard hull this will be a comfortable fishing or day boat. Commissioned for a client with a preference for aluminium as a build medium it will be interesting to see this project being built as compared with composite. The recommended engine size is 30hp with estimated cruise speeds of 25 knots and a top of 30 knots. The design is based on the successful Ripple range with customisation to suit alloy. 

Other models will be added to this range in the future.

The Raptor can be supplied as a laser-cut kit which includes folded hull sections. The folded aft hull sections are supplied ready to install and are cut with some of the forward hull panels as part of this section. This build system reduces the amount of build time and welding required. 

We have a builder to supply this model fully built to various requirements including a trailer. Please contact us if you would like some pricing on these options.

We will post updates of the first Raptor as it progresses. For any enquiries please contact us.

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Monday, September 15 2014

The Wilson project is heading to completion now, it has been painted and the fittings are coming on. They have chosen the center console configuration for this design with the fishing deck surrounding and forward of this. There is also the option of the targa and hardtop option which would cover the helm and either side. Wes had fitted two 13 gallon tanks and this boat will be powered by a 30hp Nissan outboard engine.

' It's a good size at 14ft overall, plenty large for my boys and I
to do some river and bay fishing.'

If you want to see the Wilson project and how its progressing, like their facebook page



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