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Sunday, April 12 2020

The fishing trailer boat market is a popular segment. Introducing the 'BALLISTIC 5000' power cat trailer boat with a difference. In a market dominated by name brand production boats, this is a different concept. Offered in DIY kit form or custom built to your own spec, this flexible process allows a variety of options for the buyer. The structure originates from strong Divinycell foam panels which are taped together and also reinforced in key areas with high strength epoxy. The foam epoxy structure is something you won't find readily on the market and is the secret to putting out a unique light weight trailer boat like no other. The custom build continues with full control of fit-out options, personalized to your specific fishing or recreational needs. How do you want your boat set-up, what size and type of bait tank do you want, kill pen, side pockets and storage options, rod holder options and importantly, what type of finishes would you like? The myriad of choices may not suit everyone but for others who enjoy a good project, this opens up so many doors! When talking finishing, this can be up-market high level metallic paint panels through to basic functional 'work boat' type finishes. The twin engine installation suits the safety required with off-shore use as does the well designed catamaran hull. Another feature you will notice with this design is the fully enclosed windscreen keeping the half cabin space well-protected and dry. This feature is trending with most new trailer boats of this size and larger. Aft of the large open aft deck is a twin door set-up leading onto the duckboard between the engines. With the boat reversed into a marina berth, getting on and off the boat is a breeze, or for swimming and diving access to and from the water via a ladder is possible too. 

This design is recommended to be powered by twin 50hp outboards however other options are available. Due to the light weight foam epoxy structure the size of the engines could be reduced depending on type of usage. 

Study plans are available from our Eshop to gather more information about this design



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Friday, April 10 2020

Tony's project at Taylors Beach is coming along nicely with the outside painted and the interior all trimmed off with timber mouldings. The inside has been painted in a satin finish polyurethane with most of the fittings installed. The overall design can now be appreciated in its entirety with the helm pod and extended cockpit roof overhang working in well the original lines of the boat. The underwater surfaces have all been Copper Coated for extra long life. Although a launch date hasn't been confirmed it seems like it will definitely happen some time this year. We will keep everyone informed as it draws nearer.


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