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Friday, February 26 2016

We were contacted recently by the new owner of this Spirited 380 originally named "Bayerdere" hull #20 and launched in 2010. This boat was built by Seattle builder Jim Betts to a very high standard. This is the third owner from Boston and he is enjoying his boat now called 'Necessity' which hasn't seen a lot of use in its life so far. The owner is presently looking into building a Ripple tender to compliment his boat.

We will keep everyone informed of the movements of this boat...


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Monday, February 22 2016

One of our builders in Queensland sent through some photos of his 3.6m Ripple tender which was built from the Dufllex foam kit. This is the same design as the one we built for another client in Qld also built in Duflex foam. This is the widened version of the original 3.6m Ripple as per BSF, the plywood boat in Tassie. 

This Ripple is fitted with an in-built fuel tank as well as a few optional extras. The owner couldn't wait and took the boat out for sea-trials unpainted! The raw Duflex boat looks quite unusual but at least he knows it will float!

We will return with more photos when the boat is fully finished...


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Tuesday, February 16 2016

This Duflex balsa built Spirited 230 is the first of this design to be launched in 2011. The owner has thoroughly enjoyed using his boat and regretfully is selling it to make way for yet another Spirited project! The boat presents as new and is ready to go with trailer and an array of gear.

For those who have been following this design with the interest in building one, this may save you some time! 

Asking price is AUD95,000

Please contact us for any further information.




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Tuesday, February 16 2016

Things are coming together for the Jones' as they see their Spirited 480 materialize before their eyes. The bridgedeck is up, the inner hull panels are fitted and the forebeam is in! Cause for celebration, this is always an exciting milestone in the assembly because you get to walk around your boat! 

It's always nice to get positive feedback from customers, and this comment from Brian was very well received:

"This kit is amazing the way it fits together so well. Everyone that has helped has commented on how fast it goes together!

The design is just brilliant!!"


Below shows work done so far: forebeam installed, chamfer panels and curved decks fitted and some detail on the forestay chainplate fitting on the forebeam.


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Monday, February 15 2016

We mentioned this project earlier in our news, it is now fully welded and structurally complete. This builder is gearing up for production with this being the prototype. The kit made the process so much easier as these builders had limited alloy boatbuilding experience. 

We will keep you informed as this project progresses...



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Monday, February 15 2016

The Roam crew have now completed a lap of their home island state of Tasmania! As usual you can follow the last leg of their trip by watching their latest online video. The stunning Tasmanian scenery is breath-taking, see as Roam explores remote river systems. When they said Roam they really meant it! 

This can be viewed on their website or by following this link



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Monday, February 01 2016

Larissa has been living aboard Roam from the beginning and has shared some of her experiences of life on the water. Roam has almost completed her circumnavigation of Tasmania so now has done some serious miles. A very interesting read...


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Monday, February 01 2016

The Jones' have put in another stint and have the bulkheads in! From here on things really start to move so we look forward to seeing some really good photos coming soon...


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