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Tuesday, May 09 2023

The owner of this 8.5m StowAway design in New Zealand has sent us some feedback about the motoring performance of this design. Although he is yet to sea trial the boat under sail, he has been out in the boat under power. He reports that the comfortable cruise speed with the twin 50hp 4 stroke Tohatsus is 11 knots using 9 litres of fuel per engine per hour. This is ideal for a day trip around the bay however see following for lower speeds for longer trips. Top speed was around 16.5 knots using 15 litres of fuel per side per hour. For longer passages he reports that at 8 knots the fuel consumption is a low 2.5LPH per side. Motoring at this speed will provide approx 360 miles range however motor sailing will extend this further. The performance data above is based on full fuel and water tanks. The ride and handling was good from reports with a slightly bow up attitude and comfortable ride through the water. The owner expressed that he felt that this design was very capable for its size as he negotiated the local bar crossing with some good surfing on the home run. 

We can't wait to hear from the owner when he gets a chance to test this design under sail, and we will let everyone know how this goes.

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