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Tuesday, March 22 2022

Tony has finally launched his pride and joy that he has been perfecting for the last 10 years. Being a part time affair as most amateur projects are, he worked on it over his weekends fitting it in around the rest of life duties. The launch was not without its fair share of drama with strong winds on the day causing some stressful moments. The mast and sails have been ordered and we will bring you more news on this boat when it is fully fitted. We wish Tony a huge congratulations for such dedication to see it through producing another stunning example of the Spirited 480 design.

For further information about this design please contact us.


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Friday, April 10 2020

Tony's project at Taylors Beach is coming along nicely with the outside painted and the interior all trimmed off with timber mouldings. The inside has been painted in a satin finish polyurethane with most of the fittings installed. The overall design can now be appreciated in its entirety with the helm pod and extended cockpit roof overhang working in well the original lines of the boat. The underwater surfaces have all been Copper Coated for extra long life. Although a launch date hasn't been confirmed it seems like it will definitely happen some time this year. We will keep everyone informed as it draws nearer.


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Sunday, November 10 2019


Some of you may have seen this mentioned in the latest Multihull World Magazine where Roam took line honours in this regatta with some heavy weather days. Mick Hoult was super pleased with the boat's performance and the result. After thousands of miles of cruising this was a rare opportunity to see how Roam would compare in a round the buoys showdown. Below is a link to some of the exciting racing footage:


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Tuesday, October 10 2017

For any of those who have spent any length of time with someone unfamiliar in the confines of a boat, this is worth a look. We commend Michael and Larissa on their bravery in taking a chance on a relative stranger for this long passage. Luckily it all worked out well and there is some very interesting commentary from the new crew member about his experience. Also some great footage of the Spirited 480 performance offshore and a quick humurous tour of the boat by Bobby the learner sailor. Check this out on the sailsurfroam website...


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Tuesday, October 10 2017

Michael and Larissa cross the Tasman two up. Larissa describes the trip with some beautiful images captured along the way. For anyone interested in this design or just interested in offshore sailing this is a good read...


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Sunday, October 09 2016

Michael Hoult has posted some detailed feedback of Roam's upwind performance for anyone interested in this design. To read more click here

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Thursday, September 29 2016

Check out the latest video from the Spirited 480 Roam crew in the Lau Island group, Fiji. This amazing paradise is worth a look, check it out here...


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Thursday, July 21 2016

Check out the latest video of the stunning sailing grounds of New Caledonia and also how this design handles the long passages. Roam is now in Fiji so we can't wait to see some footage of this iconic cruising destination.

Click here to view the latest video...


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Tuesday, June 14 2016

Check out the new video from the Roam crew with footage of the crossing to Middleton Reef!! With water so clear Roam appears to be floating! Click on the image below to view.

Can't wait to see the next installment to Noumea!



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Thursday, June 09 2016

Spirited 480 Roam is now in Noumea New Caledonia. What a place to be, enjoy!!


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Saturday, May 28 2016

The Spirited 480 is featured on the cover of the latest edition of the Australian Multihull World Magazine with comprehensive article coverage within. The feature includes support from contributing key suppliers such as Harken, Allyacht Spars and Lombardini. There is also updates of the Roam crew's adventures and more detailed information on the design. For anyone who hasn't read the article this can be viewed in our Press area of our website, click on the image below to view:



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Friday, May 27 2016

The Roam crew called into Port Stephens for a visit while they were waiting for a weather window for their leg to NZ. It was a great opportunity to catch up with the crew before their exciting adventure into the Pacific. 


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Thursday, May 19 2016

Roam has made headlines with an in-depth interview as well as an audio segment. The Hoult brothers share their journey to this point and also their dreams of adventure for the future.

Check out out this feature by following this link


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Tuesday, February 16 2016

Things are coming together for the Jones' as they see their Spirited 480 materialize before their eyes. The bridgedeck is up, the inner hull panels are fitted and the forebeam is in! Cause for celebration, this is always an exciting milestone in the assembly because you get to walk around your boat! 

It's always nice to get positive feedback from customers, and this comment from Brian was very well received:

"This kit is amazing the way it fits together so well. Everyone that has helped has commented on how fast it goes together!

The design is just brilliant!!"


Below shows work done so far: forebeam installed, chamfer panels and curved decks fitted and some detail on the forestay chainplate fitting on the forebeam.


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Monday, February 15 2016

The Roam crew have now completed a lap of their home island state of Tasmania! As usual you can follow the last leg of their trip by watching their latest online video. The stunning Tasmanian scenery is breath-taking, see as Roam explores remote river systems. When they said Roam they really meant it! 

This can be viewed on their website or by following this link



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Monday, February 01 2016

Larissa has been living aboard Roam from the beginning and has shared some of her experiences of life on the water. Roam has almost completed her circumnavigation of Tasmania so now has done some serious miles. A very interesting read...


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Monday, February 01 2016

The Jones' have put in another stint and have the bulkheads in! From here on things really start to move so we look forward to seeing some really good photos coming soon...


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Tuesday, January 26 2016

Mick fed through some more performance data gathered from Roam. For those interested follow the link to the new segment on the SailSurfRoam website: 'How does it sail'


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Friday, January 22 2016

Michael Hoult is enjoying the performance of his new Spirited 480 'Roam'. He sent through this screen shot of Roam on a reach doing close to wind speed under main and genoa. Imagine the speeds reached when he has his downwind sails!!

We'll keep everyone informed of any other performance data that comes through...


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Wednesday, January 06 2016

The Jones family are well into their Spirited 480 project and are starting to see some results. With the shed still being built this didn't stop them starting on the furniture in their garage at home a bit over 18 months ago. Finally at the beginning of last year the shed was ready enough to take delivery of the balance of their kit. Since then there has been plenty of progress as shown in the photos below. Most of the major components are ready for the main assembly. We can't wait to see what the coming weeks hold because they have got until Easter to work full time on their boat. The level of work is impressive for first-time builders. Although this is not entirely accurate because you may remember that these builders tested their skills on a 3.2m Ripple tender before committing to the "mothership"! 

Denise had this to say about the experience so far:

"Joining the panels has been fun seeing our jigsaw pieces taking shape. Some are large and some are small with some weird shapes but it all makes sense when I understand the plans.

I am amazed at how simple it all is and once it comes together will be awesome! I look forward to seeing our bulkheads put in to place shortly and our new home taking shape.

I have a whole lot of new skills for my resume!"

We will keep you posted on the progress of this one...


Current stage above, hulls positioned and bridgedeck ready to be raised.

It's all happeneing! Furniture done, tick! Bulkheads done, tick! Bridgedeck done, big tick!!

Bridgedeck being turned with the use of the excavator, and the hulls being towed up the driveway!


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Wednesday, December 30 2015

We visited the builder in Taylors Beach to see the latest progress. Tony has advanced well considering he is only working weekends. He has fitted his Yanmar engines and steering, with his engine hatches also installed. It is clear to see the amount of thought he has put into these areas with all equipment well organized and laid out. Comparing the Yanmars to the Lombardini engines as used on Roam, the extra size is considerable however everything fits adequately. The boat is at the tail-end of construction and has mainly the hull sides to fit before moving onto the fairing and painting process. 

This boat has quite a bit of custom work done to it, namely a full interior, customized cockpit, extended cabintop, helm station with enclosed pod and foam core hulls. 

As soon as the hull sides are fitted we will bring you more on this project as it develops.



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Wednesday, December 30 2015

For those who are not on our mailing list you can view Craig's report on Roam's first sail here. 


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Monday, December 21 2015

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Wednesday, December 09 2015


Check out this amazing photo of Roam anchored in the foreground of a beautiful surfing spot.

Great to see them fully utilizing the boat and 'living the dream'...                             

You can follow their adventures on 


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Thursday, June 11 2015


The interior photos have now been released and ROAM looks great. Some final touches are yet to be done but all in good time...

'ROAM' airs fresh and modern styling! 

The Hoult family and friends will certainly enjoy ROAM in both leisurely and social occasions. It's a very inviting space.   

For those of you who are on facebook, ROAM now has her on community page. Drop in at sailsurfroam say hello and you can keep up with her many great photos and news as she embarks on her many adventures. You can also see a touching speech from Michael with his family on launch day.

We will also keep everyone posted here at key times. 



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Thursday, April 16 2015


Sleeker, faster and oozing that classic wow factor!

Congratulations to Michael Hoult on this great achievement. The First Spirited 480 'Roam' has been launched in Tasmania on Wednesday the 15th of April. Chosen for its blue-water performance and sailing efficiency this design is sure to impress. The standard of work is extremely high for an amatuer built boat. 

'Roam' has been fully customised by our office to the owner's specifications and executed beautifully by Michael to produce this stunning result. The interior sees a galley down in the Port hull leaving ample space in the saloon for a seperate dining and lounge area. Another important area Michael requested was a surf locker in the Port bow. This is a large space with racks to store his surfboards and includes a workshop area in the aft end. 

The plan is to now address the final finishing touches to the boat before the rig is delivered. Michael is going to be using the boat in the meantime for short trips around the area. 

This was the first kit to be supplied 6 years ago and its nice to see that its also the first launched!


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Sunday, March 22 2015


The Spirited 480 builder in Taylors Beach is very excited that he now has his cabintop on. This is a customised extended roof line for extra cockpit weather protection. The design works in well with the lines of the boat and will be extremely practical. Part of the customised features include a stylish helm pod with good vision forward. Once the roof has been permanently installed this will be the next part to be fitted. Even though the owner is only working weekends the progress has been impressive. We will keep you updated periodically.

For more information on this design please check out the design page

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Monday, March 16 2015


This creative shot of the Spirited 480 in Tasmania shows the boat suspended by the bridgedeck with hulls antifouled.

We will keep you informed as the countdown continues!

Spirited 480 Design 

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Wednesday, December 10 2014


The Hoult Spirited 480 project in Tasmania is getting close to launch with the painting now complete. Michael Hoult has reported that he is very pleased with the result and the paintwork is first-class. The target date for launch is March/April next year and we can't wait to see the first of this design on the water. Both inside and outside have been sprayed in high quality 2 pack polyurethane to a very high standard. The next exciting task is to install the deck hardware and fittings followed by the windows. Michael expressed that his enthusiasm is at an all-time high now that all the sanding is done! 

We will keep everyone informed of any future progress that comes to hand.

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Saturday, November 15 2014


We visited this project recently, the owner has been busy working on some of the fiddly time-consuming jobs like making his own integral fuel tanks, installing the composite hatch gutters and fitting his holding tanks to name just a few. They say that 'the devil is in the detail' and this is usually true although it is what makes the difference at the end.

All plumbing and electrical routing has already been installed and planned out. The builder has also fitted his daggerboard cases and finished most of the cockpit fit-out. Part of the custom design done for him was a stylish cabinet across the aft saloon bulkhead with moulded covers above this to hide the steering gear and instrumentation from the helm station directly behind. Below the helm station is where the genset will be housed and all access hatches/lockers into this area have been fitted with drainage gutters. All service routing has also been allowed for in this area.

For information on the Spirited 480 design, please click here


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Saturday, February 15 2014



The Spirited 480 project in Port Stephens is progressing well with the pre-made furniture modules mostly all fitted. As mentioned previously, this builder had all his furniture already built so there was high visual  reward when suddenly the boat was fitted out in a matter of a couple of days!

This is a custom designed interior with the galley down in the Starboard hull, a stylish deluxe nav station on the bridgedeck and adjacent to this a spacious saloon seating area. This client is a very neat worker with the  quality on par with a tradesman.

A lot of thought has been given to the detail, with custom moulded under-floor shower sumps and associated plumbing and services routing. With this project only around the corner from our office we will bring you regular updates on further progress.



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Thursday, January 23 2014


Within a couple of weeks from the start of assembly, this clients Spirited 480 now has it's main hull structure built. Most of the work is done by one person and heavy lifting has been done with occasional help. An advantage has been that all parts are relatively manageable for man handling.

For more information please view our Kits and Designs pages. 

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Friday, January 03 2014












The Spirited 480 project in Port Stephens is now taking shape. The owner has recently fitted the forebeam in readiness for the installation of the hull panels. You may have seen earlier that this boat was special ordered with 100kg foam hulls. This client has already assembled all his furniture modules which have been finished with high detail including doors hinged and catches fitted, fairing done and insides all painted. Even things like the fridge which is in-built have been done and all mounts for his water-maker etc have all be prepared. The main parts are ready for fitting so the assembly should be rapid from here. We will keep you informed in the coming weeks with more updates on this project.


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Monday, May 20 2013

A recent Spirited 480 order has been produced with a special client request of 100kg density AIREX Foam hulls. His hull components utilise the foam below the waterline with the remainder of the structure in end-grain balsa. As per our process, the hull and deck components have been resin infused to maximum strength.
The client has been enthusiastically working on his furniture which was custom designed to the clients requirements along with some other areas. Some of these changes include an extended roof over the cockpit , a custom all weather raised steering station set to starboard and a custom daybed incorporated into the cockpit.
We can report that following our recent visit, there is a high level of attention to detail in the work done todate. In the coming weeks assembly will take effect, we'll keep you posted on it's progress.

Spirited 480

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