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Tuesday, July 01 2014


This design is being released in a new economical digital format. The soft copy package includes the building 
plans and the use of the CNC cutting files. The building plans also include all boat parts dimensioned for the
builder to develop themselves if wanting to avoid CNC cutting fees.

The cost for this package is AUD$645. See it at our eShop.

Micro cruising is an economical way of going cruising without the price tag!

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Sunday, January 06 2013

Spirited Seascape Design
For those of you that spent time looking through the Christmas edition of the Australian Multihull World magazine would have come accross the .... Seascape design. 

The Seascape design featured is a design which brings new meaning to ‘small cruiser’, with a surprising amount of accommodation and cruising comfort from something not much bigger than a typical off-the-beach cat.

More information can be found in our design section...including Study Plans.


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