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Thursday, July 02 2015



The 4.2m Ripple custom project we recently built for a client in Brisbane has had its first real test while cruising North on the mothership, a 50ft powercat. This was a customized version of this design to suit wheelchair access and use. The owner has reported that he is pleased with the boat and its performance and had the following to say:

'All good, probably could have got away with a 20hp engine though, with the 30hp it gets up and sits on the plane at half throttle with ease!'

Some may remember that we weighed this boat before it left and it came in at 155kg's! This is an excellent example of how important using light weight materials is. Less horse-power required, using less fuel and in this case less weight stored on the roof of the mothership. 

For more information on this design click here 

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