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Sunday, April 12 2020

The fishing trailer boat market is a popular segment. Introducing the 'BALLISTIC 5000' power cat trailer boat with a difference. In a market dominated by name brand production boats, this is a different concept. Offered in DIY kit form or custom built to your own spec, this flexible process allows a variety of options for the buyer. The structure originates from strong Divinycell foam panels which are taped together and also reinforced in key areas with high strength epoxy. The foam epoxy structure is something you won't find readily on the market and is the secret to putting out a unique light weight trailer boat like no other. The custom build continues with full control of fit-out options, personalized to your specific fishing or recreational needs. How do you want your boat set-up, what size and type of bait tank do you want, kill pen, side pockets and storage options, rod holder options and importantly, what type of finishes would you like? The myriad of choices may not suit everyone but for others who enjoy a good project, this opens up so many doors! When talking finishing, this can be up-market high level metallic paint panels through to basic functional 'work boat' type finishes. The twin engine installation suits the safety required with off-shore use as does the well designed catamaran hull. Another feature you will notice with this design is the fully enclosed windscreen keeping the half cabin space well-protected and dry. This feature is trending with most new trailer boats of this size and larger. Aft of the large open aft deck is a twin door set-up leading onto the duckboard between the engines. With the boat reversed into a marina berth, getting on and off the boat is a breeze, or for swimming and diving access to and from the water via a ladder is possible too. 

This design is recommended to be powered by twin 50hp outboards however other options are available. Due to the light weight foam epoxy structure the size of the engines could be reduced depending on type of usage. 

Study plans are available from our Eshop to gather more information about this design



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Friday, April 10 2020

Tony's project at Taylors Beach is coming along nicely with the outside painted and the interior all trimmed off with timber mouldings. The inside has been painted in a satin finish polyurethane with most of the fittings installed. The overall design can now be appreciated in its entirety with the helm pod and extended cockpit roof overhang working in well the original lines of the boat. The underwater surfaces have all been Copper Coated for extra long life. Although a launch date hasn't been confirmed it seems like it will definitely happen some time this year. We will keep everyone informed as it draws nearer.


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Wednesday, December 11 2019


Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you to our custmers who have supported us throughout the year! 

We will be closing for Christmas break from Friday the 20th of December 2019 and re-open 6th January 2020. 

All the best for the New Year 2020!


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Sunday, November 10 2019


Some of you may have seen this mentioned in the latest Multihull World Magazine where Roam took line honours in this regatta with some heavy weather days. Mick Hoult was super pleased with the boat's performance and the result. After thousands of miles of cruising this was a rare opportunity to see how Roam would compare in a round the buoys showdown. Below is a link to some of the exciting racing footage:


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Monday, May 20 2019

Ripple 3.2m Plain foam pre-cut kit.

Unfinished KIT project  for sale at a heavily discounted price of AUD2250 inc gst ex Newcastle.

The builder has already glassed all the parts ready for assembly.

The package includes the MDF build frame and all epoxy, glass tapes and modifiers for construction.


The plain foam kit has a lighter lay-up than the DuFlex so will produce a lighter boat.


Contact us for more information.

P 02 4981 8288


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Friday, December 21 2018

Merry Christmas to all and thanks to everyone who has shown us support this year, it is very much appreciated! We are looking forward to an exciting 2019 with new adventures. We are closing from Friday the 21st of December until January the 14th 2019. 

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Monday, October 29 2018

Jason Elwes has now returned from his regatta in Japan with a 10th place overall! We would like to congratulate Jason on a great effort and are proud to be one of his sponsors. He reported on the events as follows:

"One hundred and ninety one sailors from around the world came to compete at Kanon Marina, Hiroshima, Japan for the Hansa World Championships.

The regatta park was open from 11th – 12th October for boat and sail measuring, and registration.  By the 13th all boats and sailors were ready for action, and after lunch, boats were launched to enjoy a practice race and familiarise themselves with the conditions.  A brilliant cultural official ceremony was held that evening to welcome all sailors, carers and supporters.

I started the event as a competitor in both Liberty singles and 303 doubles which, after three days, proved too tiring.   Taking the side of valour I dropped the doubles to concentrate on the singles. It was a week of light and shifting breeze, amid some very beautiful scenery. 

Through the week I accumulated enough points to end up tenth, overall, in the world placings out of a fleet of 33 very strong competitors.

Being my first international championships in the Liberty class I am extremely proud of my achievement and look forward to competing at Newport in 2020 and bettering that result."


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Wednesday, October 10 2018


Good luck Jason!

We are proud to be sponsoring Sailability disabled sailor Jason Elwes based at the Grahamstown Sailing Club. Jason is competing at the Hansa World Championships in Hiroshima Japan between the 12th and 18th of October. Jason will be participating in the singles and doubles for a place on the podium.
This event can be viewed by following this link


After this event Jason has a full schedule planned with a Para Sailing International Regatta coming up in Melbourne at the end of the year. If all goes well he may get a spot in the Australian Paralympic Sailing team.


We will keep everyone up to date with this event and Jason's progress.

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Thursday, June 28 2018

The Spirited 480 project in Port Stephens is progressing well. Tony has begun painting, with the interior completed and priming underway on the outside. The paint colour chosen for the inside is a light grey which works well and defuses the space. With everything painted internally, its easier to gain a sense of the layout which flows well. This stage always looks quite plain inside without trims, benchtops, floor coverings, associated appliances and fittings. Because painting was underway the photos of the outside are quite dark however all surfaces are ready for priming. With all construction behind him Tony can now purely focus on the cosmetics and achieving a good finish, a pleasing thought!

We will keep you updated as this project progresses throughout the painting process.

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Wednesday, January 31 2018

This 8.5m Stow Away project is being built in New Zealand and is now well underway. This is a DuFlex balsa kit with some customised areas for the owner. The project started in September last year and the builders have made good progress since then.

This design is part of the Stow Away range which is a power-sailer concept set on semi-displacement hulls. The hulls are extremely efficient for both sail or power performance with a good beam to length ratio. The semi-displacement hulls have proven to be very comfortable at sea due to the fine entry hulls. This boat will be fitted with twin 50hp outboards and in flat water estimate to achieve a 15 to 20 knot cruise speed. Under sail this design should also perform well with an estimated average cruise speed of 8 knots. With a 4m beam this boat will fit into a standard monohull marina berth. Internally the design has full headroom throughout due to a wider cabin design that creates the headroom in the hulls. 

For more information on this design you can see it on the following link here

Below shows the majority of the panels joined

Below one of the hulls assembled and ready for taping

Current stage shown below with the decks being fitted 


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